"Kill Me" is a comedy series about actors who specialize in playing dead bodies on TV procedurals. 

Created by Lilliana Winkworth and Jeremy Sender, the web series Kill Me follows the misadventures of a young actress named Bernie who specializes in playing dead bodies on TV. You know those poor extras who play corpses in the morgue scenes of Law & Order? That's Bernie! And it's her dream job. 

All 5 episodes below - Click here for more info! 

Bernie Wentworth is a professional corpse-actor in the Chicago procedural television industry. She and Corey, an anarchist and fellow corpse-actor, skillfully portray cadavers on an episode of "Fire and Rescue: Sex Crimes."

Bernie plays a dead body on the quasi-reality show, "The Bachelor: ICU" with fellow corpse-actor and former child star, Roger Simko. Bernie struggles to approach her hero. 

Bernie, Corey, and Roger face their nemeses, zombie actors, on the set of "Apocalypse: Senior Year." How different are they really? 

Bernie stresses over her recent audition for Dina's new show while playing a recently murdered chef on "Killer Sous Chef: Des Moines." 

The gang films a car accident scene for "Kid Brother: Volunteer EMT" that is strangely similar to how Bernie's parents died.